Is Alcohol In Food Haram? Islam Query & Answer


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Dried Foods

The mirror is rarely exactly paraboloidal, however it is always close enough for cooking purposes. Although paraboloids are difficult to make from flat sheets of stable materials, they are often made quite just by rotating open-topped containers which hold liquids. The high surface of a liquid which is being rotated at fixed velocity around a vertical axis naturally takes the type of a paraboloid. Centrifugal force causes material to maneuver outward from the axis of rotation till a deep sufficient depression is fashioned within the surface for the drive to be balanced by the levelling effect of gravity. (See Liquid-mirror telescope.) If the material solidifies whereas it’s rotating, the paraboloidal shape is maintained after the rotation stops, and can be used to make a reflector. This rotation method is sometimes used to make paraboloidal mirrors for astronomical telescopes, and has also been used for photo voltaic cookers.